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Essential care for your puppy



Have you expanded the family by welcoming a puppy? Congratulations! They are adorable and playful, right?

It is a very emotional moment, but surely it is also full of doubts, especially if it is the first time that you decide to have a furry and faithful companion.

The puppy stage is a period of great physical and behavioral changes. Puppies need special care so that they are healthy and, especially, happy.

What essential care does your puppy need to grow and develop happily and healthily? Keep reading!

How to properly care for your puppy?

1. Prepare the arrival home

The first thing is to prepare for the arrival of your puppy, as it is a big change for both of you, but especially for him. It is very simple:

  • Get everything you need for your furry buddy.
  • Adapt your home to make it safe.
  • Find a good vet.
  • Choose a suitable diet.

2. Food

Unlike adult dogs, puppies need to eat more often due to their faster metabolism. It is important to choose a high quality feed. An adequate diet in quantity and nutrients is essential for its growth. And don’t forget the water, because they need it at all times.

3. Exercise

Puppies need to exercise and the ideal is to do it gradually. Start with short walks and gentle activities. Little by little you will gain strength and other exercises such as climbs, descents, jumps, etc. can be incorporated.

4. Hygiene

The bath can be done after the first cycle of vaccinations, although if it gets dirty before then you can use wipes.

When he is ready for a bath, remember that the water is lukewarm and towel him dry first. Then you can use the dryer, always at a safe distance.

If he gets nervous when bathing or drying him, you can take a trinket or a little feed, you will see that everything is easier.

5. Training

The training of your puppy should begin at three or four months of life. You will have to be very patient, because you will see that he just wants to play.

Start with easy things and reward him with positive reinforcement.

6. Deworming

It is very important to give your puppy deworming products to protect them from parasites such as fleas or ticks.

7. Tooth care

You have to pay attention to your puppy’s teeth from five or six months of life. They will already have their permanent teeth and they can be cleaned in two ways: with a special brush that you can find at a veterinary clinic or with toys and bones to remove excess tartar and help maintain their teeth.

Follow all the advice of Camelias Vet!